Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I Love Swaps

I am new to the whole swapping thing. But I have quickly become addicted. It all started when my Twitter Knitter group decided we should do a yarn swap. To do so we had to join a site called Swap Bot. So I joined. Filled out my profile and then decided to click around a bit. I found that most swaps require you to already have experience. A lot of them had "No Newbies" requirements. Sigh.

How do you get experience when they won't let you in unless you HAVE experience. Finally I found one called Blog Exposure Swap. No experience required and it was an easy first swap. No mailing even required. Plus I will get extra traffic to my blog. The swap went well and I had 4 cool partners. Here is a list of their blogs.

Domicidal Tendencies
Rosey Little Things
Chronicles of a Sexy Beast

Now I have ratings and they are all good so I am free to join other swaps. Which of course I have! I just spent part of my TV viewing night making a matchbox pretty for a Matchbox swap. It was so fun! Who would have ever thought of making a little bitty 32 count matchbox into something fun? Not me for sure. But I sure had a blast doing it. I can't wait to find out who my swap partner is so I can fill the matchbox.

Also I am in the middle of the yarn swap and bought my yarn today. It was fun buying all that yarn and imagining the expression on my partners face when she opens her package. I can't go into any other detail in case she reads this. But I am doing something hand made also. Hope they turn out.

The other two swaps I am in won't be coming up until later this month. I can't wait to go shopping for them too. LOL. I love buying things for other people. So if you love that too, you should check out Swap Bot. And no I am not paid for this. I just think it is a good site to check out and have fun with.

Well time to get the pups to bed and hit the hay myself soon. Night everyone.

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macati said...

oh yeah!
once you start swapping you don't want to stop ever!