Thursday, October 16, 2008

I Love...?

Not sure I can find anything to love for today. Lets recap:

Have to have surgery.

On Nov. 11 I will be having a hysterectomy. I guess I will be off work for 2 months. Not loving this much. The only good thing is no more birth control and no more monthly woes.

Maverick losing his job.

So its official. GM will close as of Dec. 23. So that means Lear will also close along with 2 other companies. And i will still be off work at that time.

Pixie has a cracked tooth.

What that means is even though it is still a baby tooth she has to get a temporary crown which she will lose when she loses the tooth. This will be the second one she has. The girl is hard on her teeth.

Caveboy needs braces.

Yes better to find out now, while we still have insurance for a few months. But still one more round of expenses. Well over a thousand dollars we don't have.

So thats the status right now. I guess I will keep y'all updated.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I love medical problems requiring surgery...NOT!

Just found out I need surgery. Gonna be off work for 2 months, will have to be in the hospital 3 days. THIS SUCKS! I don't have a choice though. So It is looking like I will be having the urgery on Nov. 11th. Only 6 weeks from now. Oh Joy. Thats all I have to say for now.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Love My Moped

There was a neighbor who used to tool around the neighborhood on an old moped. Been doing it for years. Now this neighbor is also one of my regular customers at the restaurant and a longtime friend of my father-in-law.

One day almost two months ago he tools by the house on a new moped. Now, I don't know about my readers, but here, mopeds have suddenly gained popularity due to the skyrocketing gas prices. So of course I say to the Mav "Did you see Russ on his new moped. I wonder if he is selling the old one." To which he replied, "Doubt it. He has had that one since he bought it from the original owner."

Flash forward a week or two to the neighborhood rummage sale. We threw some stuff in with our friends who live a block behind us. Another neighbor comes over, looking at the stuff for sale. He is also a regular customer and friend of Russ. We start talking, the new moped comes up and I ask what Russ plans to do with the old one. I am informed he is selling it.

YES! Like a sign, Maverick comes walking over and I hurry to tell him the news. He walks over to Russ' house and an hour later we are the proud owners of a 1979 Honda Express.

I love this thing! We all but fight over who gets to ride it. I took it to work almost everyday while J was layed off. Now the boys at work call me "Moped Mama"

Now she's been repainted and we have put hundreds of miles on her. She is almost 30 years old and runs like a top! I love the feeling of riding down the road with the wind in my hair. I just feel free.

Now Maverick and I are on the hunt for another moped. We want to be able to ride together. Meanwhile our friend got one also and now they ride to work together.

They have signed up on a website called Moped Army and if we get more than 4 people with Mopeds we will be a gang. I laugh just thinking about it! They already have a name for it. The Wild Mustangs. (Long story)

Trying to save some money now as I have found the moped I wish to purchase. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Love Summer

We its almost over and its been a busy one! The kids were gone to Missouri for a month, basement flooded for two months, found out Maverick (and a few thousand other people in Janesville) would be losing his job, got a moped, got a kitten, got a Wii, reconnected with an old friend....phew! Its been quite a summer.

I have barely been at home. While the kids were gone Maverick worked a bit then was layed off. We spent most of the time hanging with our friends and hanging out with each other.

Meanwhile our basement (along with half the city of Janesville) flooded. Maverick and I decided to make some money and threw some stuff in a rummage sale our friends were having. Yes we made money but we more than spent it when a neighbor got a new moped and sold his old one to us. I LOVE IT! (Whole 'nother blog entry.) I ride it to work and when Maverick goes back to work, he will ride it then. Saves a ton of money on gas.

Then it was time to go get the kids. Rained the whole way to Missouri and the whole way back. Fun times. Now that the kids are back we are still never home. I can probably list the number of times we have actually eaten at home. Usually we are grilling out (and eating outside)

Ahh the life of summer. lets see, what haven't I covered? Oh yeah, General Motors announced they would be closing the plant in Janesville which throws the entire city into a state of CHAOS! Most especially us. The closing of GM also means the closing of LSI and Lear, which is where Mav works of course. More fun times.

Freinds found 2 stray cats and tried to find them homes. well after a weekend of babysitting the little girl we ended up taking her. Sassy is a bundle of joy and especially ENERGY!

We finally got the Wii that we promised Caveboy if he kept his grades A's. The whole family has been enjoying it. Gives you a real work out.

And of course the friend I reconnected with is the one I have been spending most of my extra time with.

Its been a crazy summer and I hope the last month of it is as fun filled as this one.

How has your summer been?

Thursday, June 5, 2008™ Games Online

Crazy Cakes

I love to play Crazy Cakes

Take the role of a lead baker in a fantasy dessert shop. — play hundreds of fun games online!

Friday, May 9, 2008

I love My Dogs

As you may have guessed. A few of my blogs have contained references to the two puppies we brought home last year. April and May are now about 10 months old. They are doing great. I don't mention our other two dogs much. Didi and Glory, affectionately anc collectively called: The Dummies, are now Just one. Didi, our 11 yo springer spaniel passed about two weeks ago.

We have had Didi since my oldest child Caveboy was just 2. She was joined one year later by Glory, my 10yo mutt. They had a tumultuous, sisterly relationship. Always fighting for dominance of the yard, kennel, food, and human attention. Didi was eager to please and attention hungry while Glory became aloof and cranky. A year ago the vet said that Didi had developed crystals on her stomach that could be cancerous tumors. This winter it became apparent that they had indeed developed into cancer. Didi began having trouble walking and was very apathetic. A few weeks ago Maverick noticed that she had a large lump on the side of her stomach and she began to stop eating well.

On Monday, April 28 Didi joined Bumper (Maverick's elderly springer spaniel) Darby (originally my dog but became Mom and dad's) and Mandy (Maverick's brother's family's Black Lab) in doggie heaven.

Miss Glory has adjusted quite well to her doggy sisters disapperance. She has calmed down in temperament. Becoming friendly and even affectionate. I have not heard her growl or bark at anyone since Didi's passing and whenever I enter the backyard she comes up to me for what has become our routine hug and petting before she goes into her kennel or eats. She is like a different dog. But I know she misses her sister. Every night she wanders the yard as if looking for Didi. It makes me sad to see but I know Didi is better off and not in pain anymore. And it is terrible to say, but the change has been remarkably good for Glory who is practically a new dog.

Well now the girls would like my attention and I have some doggie biscuits with their names on them.

So good bye from April, May, Glory, and Ursula.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I love going to Missouri

And I finally will be going. YAY! I hate winter and this year we have gotten a lions share of it. I also suffer from winter blahs. Add to that a loss of a job, the stress of starting a new job, working six days a week at said job, and then a heavy duty bout of bronchitis for three of my four family members coinciding with a death in the family. We are finally starting to feel better and it is warming up cautiously. That is to say it will be mostly 40s this week but each day starts out 20 or below and it is sure to be followed next week by 30's or lower.

But thats ok because God willing I will be in Missouri at the beginning of next week. Thats if I manage to fight off the last off this asthma/bronchtis and feel better. I still have to get through 4 more days of work and every day I am not feeling better it takes even more out of me.

Ok enough whining. Bottom line, I will feel better and I WILL be going to Missouri! I can't wait! My Mom has all sorts of stuff planned for us. She is making all of our fav foods and all sorts of stuff. It is only three sad. But at least it is something. I am just happy to be going there. SO HAPPY!! Want lots of pictures while I am there so I have to remember my camera. Man I better start a list now...sigh.

This will also be the first trip with just May. (my black lab for those keeping track.) First time April and May will be seperated and everything. So I also have to remember all my doggie paraphanalia. LOL. Food, treats, a toy, leash, etc. The kids are excited I am excited and May doesn't know it yet but she is excited too. Hehehe.

Hope everyone is having a great day and sorry for my long absence.