Thursday, October 16, 2008

I Love...?

Not sure I can find anything to love for today. Lets recap:

Have to have surgery.

On Nov. 11 I will be having a hysterectomy. I guess I will be off work for 2 months. Not loving this much. The only good thing is no more birth control and no more monthly woes.

Maverick losing his job.

So its official. GM will close as of Dec. 23. So that means Lear will also close along with 2 other companies. And i will still be off work at that time.

Pixie has a cracked tooth.

What that means is even though it is still a baby tooth she has to get a temporary crown which she will lose when she loses the tooth. This will be the second one she has. The girl is hard on her teeth.

Caveboy needs braces.

Yes better to find out now, while we still have insurance for a few months. But still one more round of expenses. Well over a thousand dollars we don't have.

So thats the status right now. I guess I will keep y'all updated.

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