Friday, May 9, 2008

I love My Dogs

As you may have guessed. A few of my blogs have contained references to the two puppies we brought home last year. April and May are now about 10 months old. They are doing great. I don't mention our other two dogs much. Didi and Glory, affectionately anc collectively called: The Dummies, are now Just one. Didi, our 11 yo springer spaniel passed about two weeks ago.

We have had Didi since my oldest child Caveboy was just 2. She was joined one year later by Glory, my 10yo mutt. They had a tumultuous, sisterly relationship. Always fighting for dominance of the yard, kennel, food, and human attention. Didi was eager to please and attention hungry while Glory became aloof and cranky. A year ago the vet said that Didi had developed crystals on her stomach that could be cancerous tumors. This winter it became apparent that they had indeed developed into cancer. Didi began having trouble walking and was very apathetic. A few weeks ago Maverick noticed that she had a large lump on the side of her stomach and she began to stop eating well.

On Monday, April 28 Didi joined Bumper (Maverick's elderly springer spaniel) Darby (originally my dog but became Mom and dad's) and Mandy (Maverick's brother's family's Black Lab) in doggie heaven.

Miss Glory has adjusted quite well to her doggy sisters disapperance. She has calmed down in temperament. Becoming friendly and even affectionate. I have not heard her growl or bark at anyone since Didi's passing and whenever I enter the backyard she comes up to me for what has become our routine hug and petting before she goes into her kennel or eats. She is like a different dog. But I know she misses her sister. Every night she wanders the yard as if looking for Didi. It makes me sad to see but I know Didi is better off and not in pain anymore. And it is terrible to say, but the change has been remarkably good for Glory who is practically a new dog.

Well now the girls would like my attention and I have some doggie biscuits with their names on them.

So good bye from April, May, Glory, and Ursula.