Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I love going to Missouri

And I finally will be going. YAY! I hate winter and this year we have gotten a lions share of it. I also suffer from winter blahs. Add to that a loss of a job, the stress of starting a new job, working six days a week at said job, and then a heavy duty bout of bronchitis for three of my four family members coinciding with a death in the family. We are finally starting to feel better and it is warming up cautiously. That is to say it will be mostly 40s this week but each day starts out 20 or below and it is sure to be followed next week by 30's or lower.

But thats ok because God willing I will be in Missouri at the beginning of next week. Thats if I manage to fight off the last off this asthma/bronchtis and feel better. I still have to get through 4 more days of work and every day I am not feeling better it takes even more out of me.

Ok enough whining. Bottom line, I will feel better and I WILL be going to Missouri! I can't wait! My Mom has all sorts of stuff planned for us. She is making all of our fav foods and all sorts of stuff. It is only three sad. But at least it is something. I am just happy to be going there. SO HAPPY!! Want lots of pictures while I am there so I have to remember my camera. Man I better start a list now...sigh.

This will also be the first trip with just May. (my black lab for those keeping track.) First time April and May will be seperated and everything. So I also have to remember all my doggie paraphanalia. LOL. Food, treats, a toy, leash, etc. The kids are excited I am excited and May doesn't know it yet but she is excited too. Hehehe.

Hope everyone is having a great day and sorry for my long absence.