Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Love A Good Book

And even more, finding a new author! Then I just totally immerse myself in everything that person has written. Course, with the speed of my reading, I catch up quick and then I am reduced to waiting for the latest release.

Since buying my Nook (a whole other post) I have discovered many new authors. (I spend hours scouring the B&N website and when I can afford it, buying books. My wishlist, dollar wise, is in the triple digits. Well, thats why they call it a wish list.) So just to name a few, this is what I spent my summer reading.

Patricia Briggs. The Mercy Thompson series. It started with a friend (Kim) who also had a Nook. She got a bunch of new books on it that she didn't have the time to read so she asked me to read Moon Called, by Patricia Briggs via the Lend Me feature. (LOVE that feature.) Now I remember! There was a whole display of her books at the check out when I bought my Nook. Of course having spent so much money on my Nook, I wasn't buying any books that day. So I read it. In like 3 hours. And immediately did a search and bought and downloaded Blood Bound. Then fired off a text to Kim telling her she was going to love it and to get reading. Of course we both ended up reading all 5 books. And of course the Alpha & Omega spin off series is in my TBR pile.

Laurell K Hamilton. I actually found her late last year, with the Merry Books but I spent this year finding and reading the entire Anita Blake series. Of course Flirt and Bullet came out just in time to get them on my Nook. I do love my vampires and faeries.

Julie Kagawa. The Iron Fae series. Yes, you sense a theme here. It is a young adult series, but very interesting. I devoured both books and the novella out so far. Can't wait for the new book due out early 2011.

Vicki Pettersson. The Sign of the Zodiac books. Ok, this is where I give a big thumbs up to the Barnes & Noble free e-book of the week. Probably would not have picked up this book as a choice. I actually think the synopsis turned me off, but it was free and so I downloaded it and immediately forgot about it. Then one day I was bored, scanning through my books and there it was. By the time I was finished I was cursing myself for getting hooked on another series. By the end of the summer, I owned all 5 of her Zodiac books. And one of the Novellas. I still need to read Dark Matters and Shifting Star. Love this series.

Christine Feehan. My mom had given me a few books of hers before but they ended up in a TBR pile that I lost in the flood of 2008. Again, thanks to Kim, I am hooked on the Ghostwalker series. I am currently on book 6. (and now I find she has an entire Vampire series. Might have to start that next.) Suddenly I realize that I am seriously addicted to hard as steel, bad ass, highly trained,covert ops types. *sigh* (Case in point, Jason Statham in the movie, The Expendables. Oh, yes! PLEASE rescue me, Lee Christmas!)

Which brings me to...

Lora Leigh. And the Nauti Boy series. Yep. in my quest to find more books about take charge, highly trained and seriously hot, military types, I discovered this series. All I have to say is Yum. Of course I read them all. And then read them again. Did I mention Yum?

Gena Showalter. The Lords of the Underworld Series. I think this is what started my summer long craving for the aformentioned bad asses. These guys are all immortal warrior. I am loving the series and eagerly snapping up each book as it is released.

Julia London. I just discovered her via Facebook and am into my first book and eagerly awaiting the release of A Year of Living Scandalously. Also about to give Teresa Medeiros a try.

Also discovered Annmarie McKenna, R. G. Alexander, and Jennifer Cole. They write various Erotica titles.

Well, I guess thats about it. I am sure I forgot a bunch, but in addition to all these new authors/series, i discovered, i have also been reading the old favorite stand bys. Nora Roberts, Jude Deveraux, Fern Micheals, Amanda Quick, Jayne Ann Krentz, Elizabeth Lowell...Just to name a few.

So...who have you been reading this summer? What are you looking forward to this fall?