Friday, January 21, 2011

I love: My super talented children

So, yes, this is just a shameless entry bragging about my children.

Miss Pixie has had a busy month between honors choir, her part in her class' performance of Macbeth and poms.

Mr. Caveboy turned 16 this month and has designed a website for the National History Day competition. He will be competing in Madison. Please view it and leave lots of comment love! (This is just the partial product. He is still working on the final product)

Thanks for listening!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Love: Discovering a new Author.

Sometimes it is a recommendation from a friend, sometimes a review you read somewhere, sometimes an ad online catches your eye. You think, now that looks or sounds interesting. You pick up the book and next thing you know, you have another author to love.

For me, it started innocently, with Twitter. Or Facebook, as the case may be. An author I already "liked" on facebook, was cross promoting a fellow author with a "like this person and be entered to win..." So I liked, and entered. In this case one author was Teresa Medeiros. Then she started posting about a book coming out. Goodnight Tweetheart. The whole premise of a couple meeting and falling in love on twitter caught my attention. Of course I bought and loved it. Then I was on Twitter for a "twitter chat" about the book, when I began interacting with one of her other followers.

We seemed to have a similar thought process and long story short we ended up following each other. That's when I realized she was also an author. Hope Welsh.  So I checked out her website and her blog.  Even longer story short, I ended up reading her latest book Linked.

I LOVED this book. It was a classic "written in the stars" romance with a little paranormal shape shifting thrown in. The book started off with a bang and kept my interest though out! Though my mind kept telling me it was too soon for the couple to fall in love, I couldn't maintain the skepticism because the story just felt right. I have always been a huge fan of romantic mystery. Its only recently that I have become interested in paranormal and urban fantasy. This book managed to have it all for me. All in all for my first read by this author, I was very pleased and plan on reading more.

So, you can buy Linked on Amazon or here on Barnes & Noble

Go forth and read....and Enjoy!