Saturday, October 6, 2007

I Love Shopping for Craft Supplies

What I don't love is dropping $20 and walking out with a bag small enough to hold a sandwich. Hehehe. Thats ok though. I still got a lot for my money. Just small stuff. I am embarking on a new craft and wanted to get some things so that I could experiment. I am hoping it turns out because I am making them for a swap. Can't really go into detail though, just in case.

Back to why I love shopping for Craft Supplies. There is something exciting about buying new things to be made into something. Of course one of my favorite things to shop for is yarn because I crochet. I wander into the yarn section all the time and usually end up buying yarn with no set project in mind. Like the time I bought a multicolored skein that was all blues and greens with a little yellow thrown in. I only got one because thats all I had money for at the time. I ended up using it to crochet dozens of little flowers which I later attached to a shawl for Pixie. It turned out too cute.

In the summer my craft shopping habits change a little. I still look at yarn but don't feel that overwhelming "must have" urge. I don't crochet too much during the summer because who wants all that hot yarn on you when it is hot outside. But I did get into thread crocheting this summer. I made a sweet bookmark (love to read) and got the coolest pattern for these little butterflies. It is such a basic and easy pattern that even I could master it. (See I am a self taught crocheter and just started to brave reading patterns that were more complicated than say a granny square.)

When I got to a craft store I always take a detour down the bead aisle. I don't bead but dream of doing it some day. It seems like an expensive hobby, and not sure I could take on another one of those. But who can resist all those cute little beads and charms. Not I and tonight I didn't have to because they fell right into my new project. So now you see why my final purchase bag was so small (beads) I am going to start work on it tomorrow, meanwhile I am already planning my next trip to the craft store.

Any ideas?

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