Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I Love Quiet Time

Well, I had a hard time choosing my topic today. It was between this, I Love Missouri and I Love Fall. But today I don't love fall so much as I did yesterday and I will be loving Missouri even more tomorrow when I am there so that is an entry for tomorrow or Fri.

So onto today. Right now it is peaceful and I love it. Kids are outside, house is shadowed (except for the light of my laptop) and the pups are asleep on the floor. I think I am the only person in my house that doesn't have to have some form of noise (usually the TV) blaring in the background. I enjoy, even crave the quiet. Not always, but usually.

So after I get done with this entry (which will be short so as to take advantage of said quiet) I will be using this time to, well, catch up on some DVR'd shows. I know, noise. But I have been enjoying the quiet for almost an hour now. And with the kids gone its not just the quiet I can enjoy but the empty house to do with what I want. So I am going to watch TV, feed the pups and then order some pizza for dinner.

Did I mention I love Wednesdays, as I don't have to cook dinner? Its pizza night! Yay!

Then on to packing for the mini trip to Missouri. Enjoy your night and may you get some quiet time.

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