Sunday, September 30, 2007

I Love Weekends off

I used to get every other one off. But then one of the waitresses went off to college and my boss didn't see fit to hire a new one. So there went my every other Sunday off. I still get every other Saturday off but it just isn't the same. I never knew how much I needed those weekends off until I didn't have them anymore. So it was arranged that I get this weekend completely off.

On Saturday it was opening day for the Duck Hunting Season therefore my mighty hunters already had their whole day planned. That left Pixie and I to have our annual Girl's Day (which of course coincides with opening duck hunting day) This is our third. We always begin with breakfast. Usually at Ihop as it is Pixie's choice. This year my sis-in-law joined us. We got up early this year and first went to the Farmer's Market.

I love going to the Farmer's Market. You never know what you will find there but it is always good. I left with 3 1/2 pints of raspberries, two turnovers. a tart, some honey sticks and a loaf of home made whole wheat and ten grain bread. It was a very fruitful trip. Pun intended. Then it was off for breakfast at, you guessed it, Ihop. We lucked out as it fruit crepe time. Yumm! After breakfast a quick stop at Petco to get tags for the dogs and of course some treats.

Then it was time to hit the mall. I hate going there and avoid it if at all possible, but it is the mecca of all shopping to my 6yo. So as a treat, off we went. The other thing that always coincides with opening Duck Hunting Weekend (not sure how that happens) is JC Penny's having a kick ass sale. This year Pixie was able to get 2 or her favorite brand shirts, Bobby Jack. That of course is a picture of her in it above. Then it was off to Wally world for more puppy supplies, and household incidentals.

By the time we got home and let the girls out (with a minimum of accidents) it was nearly 1 pm. I did some house cleaning and then had to get ready for a reception. By the time I got home, the men were home. I crashed early. laid down for a nightly snuggle with the kids and next thing I know I wake up and it is almost 11 pm. Fell asleep on top of the covers and with the light on.

Today was a lazy morning. Hunters off hunting again so just me and Pixie and pups. My morning surprise was a nice poopy mess to clean up. April has regressed a bit since the introduction of May to the household. I know they are only 11 weeks old but April was doing so good. However May had no training, living in an outside kennel until we brought her home. It is rough so far. Anyway by the time I got done cleaning the floor of their kennel, feeding them and bathing them both (quite a chore with two puppies weighing 23 and 24 lbs. Bathed separately of course.) it was after 8 am. So much for sleeping in on ONE of my days off...LOL. Breakfast for Pixie, a little computer time, dishes, hunters come home and next thing I know its almost 1PM.

Hahaha. What day off? Grocery shopping, friend visits to meet the new pup, have friend over for his birthday, mop the kitchen, feed the dogs, sigh. Now its almost 7pm. Baths for school, try to relax, get stuff gathered up for work tomorrow and before I know it, it will be bedtime.

But it was good having the weekend off and I feel refreshed to go back to work tomorrow. The life of a waitress/Mom/Wife/Puppy Mom. But that is probably a whole other blog entry.

Hope you all had a great weekend.


Un Jour... said...

Hello there:) Thank you for reading my blog and I am happy you enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!! I just added you to my list of blogs to read.
I will be sure to visit yours for updates for sure:)

macati said...

I understand what you mean with a whole weekend free... already happened to me...
well, I hope that it will be very temporary!