Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I Love the New TV Season

Hello my name is Ursula and I am a TV addict.

I love, love, LOVE the new television season! Of course it always starts before the current season has even ended. Teasers begin to show up in entertainment magazines, websites, and blogs. By midsummer there is already enough information out there to begin picking your future "wanna check out" shows. I am positively giddy waiting for the ever popular issue of TV Guide detailing all the new shows coming out. Then the week after when they highlight the returning shows.

The week the Preview guide comes out is the best. I eagerly sit down and devour every single page of articles detailing the new shows. I read and plan my entire week's viewing. Did I also mention they also give the new season's schedule for the year? The beginning of the season is always hectic. There are all the new shows to try, then wean out if they don't make the cut. There are the inevitable overlaps. I can only watch one and tape one. What happens when there are three shows in a time slot I want to watch/try out?

This year I had all my shows mapped out with nary a conflict. No more than 2 shows in a time slot. YAY. No need to sacrifice. Then a week or so ago I got an email touting the new download store Amazon Unboxed. They were offering free downloads of 5 pilots. Two of the shows were on my list of "want to try" 3 had already been relegated to the "not gonna bother" list. (A combination of lack of interest and/or blah reviews) But hey, free. Also they offer the option to download to any video capable MP3 players. Well I have been wanting to try the video capability on my Zen for forever! So I downloaded all 5 to my Zen. And then watched.

Haha. Jokes on me. I ended up adding three more shows to my "want to try" Thus tipping the balance of my perfectly scheduled viewing. Three shows in the same time slot, twice in the same night.

Some networks have begun showing the episodes online the day after they air. But in that scenario you are held hostage by what they chose to make available. usually shows that are already popular or shows they WANT to be popular. So then you get online. See if you can get an inkling of what they are making available, but sometimes you don't know until after the show airs. By then it could be too late. You could already have chosen to watch the show they WILL re-run online and skip the show they don't, hoping they would.

Well by a few weeks into the season my viewing schedule is whittled down to a managable one. Who knows what will happen this season. So far I only have two shows that are keepers after only one episode. Bionic Woman and Journeyman. And Bionic Woman was one of my "not gonna bother" Thanks a lot Amazon Unboxed.

Did I mention I LOVE the new TV season. Yes I am a TV addict and proud of it.

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