Friday, September 28, 2007

I Love Puppies

And I better! As I have just become the proud owner of another one. We brought Miss April home about a month ago. She has adjusted well, and is a precocious little one. Loves to chew, and we are working on it. She is very playful and loves to play tug! She is already learning sit, stay and fetch. She loves attention all the time. The only problem we have is she is a a little to rambunctious for the liking of our 6yo. When Chloe tries to run away from April, then April thinks she is playing and goes after her ferociously.

The people we got her from are friends. They watched April when we went out of town overnight a week after we got her. And we have been back at their house every two weeks to get April's preventative worm meds. And every time I go back I fall in love with one of the female black labs they have yet to find a home for. I tried to talk Maverick into getting her but he said absolutely no!

She is a sweet little girl and the polar opposite from April. Even when all her brother and sisters are running around like hyper puppies, she sits calmly by and watches them. I keep telling Maverick "Look at her. She is so sweet!" And he would say "You don't want a dog like that" To which I would reply "No, YOU don't want a dog like that. That is exactly the kind of dog I want."

See April is going to be a hunting dog. So it's good that she is full of energy because she will need it. But I want a house dog. A lover who is happy to cuddle up with me while I read. And someone who doesn't terrorize Chloe. Someone I could put pretty pink collars on.

So tonight we take April back for her last medicine dose. I don't even go near the little black one because I know I can't have her. We took the tractor out to their pumpkin patch and had a blast picking pumpkins. I got a Cinderella pumpkin. It looks just like the one that turned into her coach. We got back from the patch and I could hear April barking away. Its funny how I could pick her out of the pack.

That's when Maverick told me to get my dog it was time to go home. So I went chasing after April. And Dave (our friend) said "Didn't you hear him? He said to get your dogs!" I look up and everyone is staring at me. I quickly stood, brushing at the front of my shirt. "What did I do? Why is everyone staring at me?" And Maverick said, "The wheels are turning, but she hasn't figured it out yet." Then Maddie said, "He told you to get both your dogs." I looked at Maverick and he had that grin on his face.

And so tonight we brought home April's sister and named her May. So Miss April Cotton Teal and Miss May Lily Garnet are now happily sleeping in their kennel together. We had some adjusting and I know we are in for much more, but I love my girls. Hopefully tomorrow I can get a picture to add to this post.

Goodnight everyone.


macati said...

I'm manela from the blog swap!
I've got cats but already had dogs... very different kind of animals and I love both... my boyfriend has 2 dogs and I looove them too.
enjoy the rest of your weekend! I'll be back to see the pictures.
aka macati

Un Jour... said...

Hello there!!! Just checking out your blog and enjoying it. I am about to add you to my list of blogs!!!!!!