Thursday, September 27, 2007

I Love Coffee

The more flavor the better. I am not into black plain icky coffee. I love my caramel, chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut...any combination thereof. My most favorite coffee is a Caramel Mudd Macchiato from Mountain Mudd Coffee in Troy, Missouri. Of course being in Wisconsin, the chances to get said coffee are few and far between.

As I type, I am sitting in a local coffee house. No Global Chains for me. Well I do enjoy a Starbucks every now and then. But the local coffee house is my place of choice. Could be that my friend works there. Could be the wi-fi. But probably a combination. Also, once I discovered my coffee of choice, my Barrista (not sure of the spelling.) of choice, began trying to replicate my beverage. We have it close. Its called a Caramel Muddy Puddle. YUM! Not Mountain Mudd, but close. And Mountain Mudd doesn't have the ambiance. After all, you can't do much in a little hut in the middle of a parking lot where you can ONLY drive up for the coffee.

As the weather begins to turn cold, coffee becomes my beverage of choice. Hawaiian Chocolate Macadamia nut, Toffee hazel nut, and lets not forget Caramel Muddy Puddles. There is something eminently satisfying about enjoying a nice warm cup of coffee in the chilly morning air.

Well today we hit a nice weather spell. not cold but not warm either. Just perfect! But Maverick had to have emergency oral surgery and wouldn't you know my coffee house of choice is two blocks over from the oral surgeon. And I seized the chance to enjoy a muddy puddle and visit with an old friend at the same time. now however I need to get back to the Oral Surgeons. Wouldn't want my honey to come out to an empty waiting room.

Hope everyone has a great day.

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