Monday, November 12, 2007

I Love Wisconsin Weather

Well...sometimes. Today I do because it is already almost 60 degrees out. Yay! The other morning, I went to let the pups out and it was 22 degrees. The morning after that...40 degrees. Crazy Wisconsin weather! Supposed to stay nice most of the week, gradually heading down to the 40's towards the end. And this week...

Its hunting time again! Rifle season is almost upon us. It has been a frenzy of getting the boys ready to head up north and getting my child care in place for the Pixie and of course puppy care in place for the girls. LOL! This year its my weekend to work while the Maverick and Caveboy are gone (sad face) And last year my sis-in-law decided at the last minute that she was going up north. Thus throwing my plans down the drain. I had to call off work the whole time they were gone because I had no one to get the girl off to school on school days or watch her on non-school days.

I was a VERY unhappy camper. This year I had hubby talk to her. Its fine for her to want to go hunting, but so NOT fine to decide at the last minute when she had already committed to me. I needed plenty of notice if she was going and if she said she was going to watch Pixie, then she needed to honor that commitment. So she is working it so she can stay home, watch Pixie and then go up north the day before Turkey Day. Everybody is happy.

Its going to be a girls weekend as Tiffy has to spend the night all weekend to be there for Pixie. She will sleep over Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Watch Pixie Saturday and Sunday and get up and get her off to school on Monday. The the boys should be home sometime Monday night. They were going to stay until Tuesday but Caveboy has to be back to go to school on Tuesday if he wants his prize. He won a Hummer Limo ride with friends to a lunch buffet. So of course to be eligible to go he has to attend school that day...LOL. He worked hard to get this but I can tell Maverick is not happy to have their trip cut even shorter. They already had to shave a day off so they could be home in time to get Pixie off to school on Wed. as that is the day I have no child care. Now they have to come home a day earlier.

Sure hope they have their deer before they are forced to come home or I may never hear the end of it! So what are every one Else's plans for the week? Oh and here is a new pic of the girls. They are now a whopping 42lbs a piece and 17 weeks old now.

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Mike said...

Ursula...I would love to see some of that Wisconsin snow. Here in Alabama we haven't seen a good snow in a long time...