Monday, November 26, 2007

I Love the Holidays

Let me start the blog by saying congratulations to my hunters!! My baby boy (ok, so he's almost 13 and also almost as tall as me. What did I spawn?) got his first deer his first rifle season out. YAY CAVEBOY! He shot a Nubin Buck at 57 yds. Dropped it in one shot, no tracking! BAM! Of course Maverick got one too and the night after they got home, fresh back straps. YUMMMM! Plenty of venison to get us though the winter. Here is a picture. I am so proud of him.

So our tradition is the day after Thanksgiving, we go get our tree. So on Friday we put on the Christmas Carols and the hot chocolate w/marshmallows and got to decorating. It turned out great and we had so much fun. I feel very festive this year though I really have no reason. I am hoping to keep myself upbeat even though this promises to be a crappy one. As of December 31st I will be unemployed as the restaurant will be closing. The rumor is that the guy who will be taking over the restaurant wants to keep all the employees. We will see what happens. Its just a really crappy time to get unemployed and it came out of no where. The original plan was to shut down in March.

Oh well, enough whining. Why don't you show me I actually have some readers out there and leave me a comment to tell me what is your favorite part of the Holidays.
Come one! Show me some love!!

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Kim said...

Way to go Trav! Now on to view Flickr pics of your tree, yes?

Not from a hunter family, but my boyfriend's family is and I spent this past weekend around his 10 year old nephew who has a HUGE love for the hunt. So, I totally appreciate your post from a fellow Heroes lover. ;-)